Graduate students


Daniel Alabi

Graduate student, Computer Science, Theory Group
Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Brendan Avent

Brendan Avent

Graduate Student Researcher (Ph.D. Candidate)
University of Southern California
Past Personnel
Michael Bar-Sinai

Michael Bar-Sinai

Graduate Student, Ben Gurion University in Negev, Israel
Visiting Graduate Student, Harvard University, IQSS
Current Member of Datatags Team

Michael creates DataTags theory (based on decision graphs), programming language and tools, and explores their integration with data repositories, such as...

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Aaron Bembenek

Aaron Bembenek

Graduate researcher (summer 2015), Special Student affiliated with the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University
Graduate researcher (fall 2015)

Aaron Bembenek is a graduate researcher in programming languages with Steve Chong. He joined as a summer 2015 intern, and continued his work into the...

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Mark Bun

Mark Bun

PhD student (NDSEG fellowship), Theory of Computation group, Harvard
Past Personnel

PhD student Mark Bun is involved in the Privacy Tool's differential privacy work and de-...

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Sarah Hampton

Sarah Hampton

Graduate Student Intern at the Berkman Klein Center (Summer 2019)
Sarah is an attorney by training, currently enrolled in the Master of Global Policy program at the University of Texas at Austin. She researches the ... Read more about Sarah Hampton
Muhammed  Y. Idris

Muhammed Y. Idris

Visiting Graduate Student, Data Science Group, IQSS
Ph.D. candidate,Pennsylvania State University
Past Personnel

Muhammed Y. Idris is a pre-doctoral researcher at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, a visiting scholar wit the data science group at...

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Michael Lackner

Graduate Student, ME Computational Science and Engineering Program, SEAS

Miriam Manevitz

Graduate Student Researcher (Summer 2017)
Hebrew University of Jerusalem