Open Seminars

The Center for Research on Computation and Society (CRCS)

CRCS A number of project members have also presented privacy issues at recorded, public seminars hosted by Harvard’s Center for Research on Computation and Society (CRCS) throughout the academic year. These seminars hope to develop and discuss new computer science theories and technology in the public interest, informed by a deep knowledge of the societal issues at stake.

Abstracts and videos for all privacy-related CRCS seminars can be found here.

Berkman Luncheon Series

The Berkman Center Luncheon Series is a weekly forum designed to engage diverse community members—including academics, entrepreneurs, students, lawyers, fellows, architects, designers, visionaries and others—in conversations about cutting-edge Internet issues and research. It is free and open to the public.

As an established university-wide research center, the Berkman Center convenes a unique mix of individuals working on cross-cutting and interdisciplinary issues applicable to the Internet, technology, and its impact and effects on society. We invite internal and external speakers to engage with a wide spectrum of Net issues, including governance, privacy, intellectual property, antitrust, content control, and electronic commerce. We aim to include leading thinkers and practitioners in the ICT space—broadly defined—to use the opportunity to advance research, share developing projects, and consider governance and policy questions.

The luncheon discussions are focused on inquiry, dialogue, and collaboration. Each session features a guest presenter who offers an issue, a provocation, or a problem as a discussion input, and who engages our community to help further research, inform policy, and/or challenge assumptions. Our hope is to facilitate conversations regarding the challenges and opportunities that technology can provide and its capacity to inform practice and theory, bridge communities and support the public interest.

Please visit Berkman's Luncheon page for information on how to download video and audio from past luncheon events.

Technology in Government (TIG) and Topics in Privacy (TIP)

Technology in Government (TIG) and Topics in Privacy (TIP) consist of weekly discussions and brainstorming sessions on all aspects of privacy (TIP) and uses of technology to assess and solve societal, political, and government problems (TIG). Discussions are often inspired by a real-world problems being faced by the lead discussant, who may be from industry, government, or academia. Practice talks and presentations on specific techniques and topics are also common.