Graduate students

Michael Bar-Sinai

Michael Bar-Sinai

Graduate Student, Ben Gurion University in Negev, Israel
Visiting Graduate Student, Harvard University, IQSS

Michael serves as a software developer or architect on the project, designing and building the DataTags framework and web application for sharing sensitive …

Mark Bun

Mark Bun

PhD student (NDSEG fellowship), Theory of Computation group, Harvard

PhD student Mark Bun is involved in the Privacy Tool's differential privacy work and de-identification …

Muhammed  Y. Idris

Muhammed Y. Idris

Visiting Graduate Student, Data Science Group, IQSS
Ph.D. candidate,Pennsylvania State University
Jack Murtagh

Jack Murtagh

Research Assistant, CRCS, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Jack began the Privacy Tools project in the summer of 2014, researching the architecture and apportioning of privacy budget for differentially private,

Jiapeng Zhang

Visiting graduate student (2013-2014), CRCS, SEAS, Harvard