Michael Bar-Sinai

Michael Bar-Sinai

Graduate Student, Ben Gurion University in Negev, Israel
Visiting Graduate Student, Harvard University, IQSS
Current Member of Datatags Team
Michael Bar-Sinai

Michael creates DataTags theory (based on decision graphs), programming language and tools, and explores their integration with data repositories, such as Dataverse. He has also contributed to the software development and architect of the project: designing and building the DataTags framework and web application for sharing sensitive data. Michael spent significant time collaborating with the Berkman Center on legal aspects of DataTags, in addition to supervising undergraduate research.


Michael Bar-Sinai is teaching a class, "Topics in DataTags," in Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in fall 2015. Students will work on areas of the decision graph variant of DataTags. Projects will cover a wide area, from changes to the language to interactive visualizations of the interview and tag structure.

Course details are located on Ben-Gurion's course catalog.


L. Sweeney, M. Crosas, and M. Bar-Sinai, “Sharing Sensitive Data with Confidence: The Datatags System,” Technology Science , 2015. Technology ScienceAbstract

A. Wood, et al., Integrating Approaches to Privacy Across the Research Lifecycle: Long-Term Longitudinal Studies. Cambridge: Harvard University, 2014. Publisher's VersionAbstractssrn-id2469848.pdf

Merce Crosas and Michael BarSinai (2014). Dataverse with DataTags: Sharing Data you can’t share. iRODS 2014 User Group meeting. Harvard University.

Poster Presentation

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