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CS 227r: Topics In Cryptography and Privacy





Co-Instructors:  Kobbi Nissim & Or Sheffet

Meets: Tuesday/Thursday 11:30AM - 1:00PM in MD 119

Course Description: This course will cover topics in cryptography and data privacy drawn from the theoretical computer science research literature with particular focus on differential privacy -- a mathematical framework for privacy-preserving analysis of datasets, which enables aggregate computations while preventing the leakage of individual-level information.

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Salil Vadhan

Salil Vadhan

Vicky Joseph Professor of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, SEAS, Harvard
Area Chair for Computer Science

Salil Vadhan is the lead PI of Privacy Tools for Sharing Research Data project and the Vicky Joseph Professor of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics...

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Di Wang

Student Researcher (Summer 2018)