Comments on Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking: Human Subjects Research Protections: Enhancing Protections for Research Subjects and Reducing Burden, Delay, and Ambiguity for Investigators, Docket ID number HHS-OPHS-2011-0005



Comments by Salil Vadhan, David Abrams, Micah Altman, Cynthia Dwork, Scott Duke Kominers, Paul Kominers, Harry Lewis, Tal Moran, Guy Rothblum, and Jon Ullman (at Harvard, Microsoft Research, the University of Chicago, MIT, and the Herzilya Interdisciplinary Center) These comments address the issues of data privacy and de-identification raised in the ANPRM. Our perspective is informed by substantial advances in privacy science that have been made in the computer science literature.

Acknowledgements: This paper was supported, in part, by Google Inc., Microsoft Research, and Stanford University.
Last updated on 04/13/2019