Choosing the Right Toolbox -- Reflections on the Meaning of “Privacy” in the European Union

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Abstract: The presentation will be structured in two parts. First, Dr. Michel José Reymond will recall how his involvement with the Harvard University Privacy Tools project prompted him to adopt a critical perspective on current EU developments on privacy, and in particular on the much discussed "Right to be Delisted". Then, he will provide various examples of how the projects involved in Privacy Tools have influenced his current research. 

Bio: Dr. Michel Reymond is currently a candidate for the bar exam in Geneva, Switzerland, working as a legal trainee at Byrne-Sutton Bollen Kern. He obtained his PHD in law in 2014, his thesis exploring the issue of online libel tourism from the point of view of private international law. He has also worked as a postdoctoral research assistant in his home institution, the University of Geneva, and has spent one year as a visiting researcher at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard; in that period has written on topics such as the geographical impact of European data protection law including the Right to be Delisted, online copyright infringements and the regulatory environment of blockchain-based ventures.