Suso Baleato wins Poster Prize in FAS Research Symposium

About the prize: Poster Prize of the 3rd Annual FAS Postdoc Research Symposium held June 21, 2019 at Northwest Building 52 Oxford Street. Organized by Harvard University Faculty of Arts and Sciences Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, and the FAS Postdoctoral Association. Donors include: QIAGEN, GENEWITZ,ThermoFisher Scientic, and Milipore Sigma.

About the poster: The poster shows how to use differential privacy with negligible utility loss to facilitate the replication and reuse of statistical analysis of sensitive datasets. We illustrate our approach with the case of the Internet Connectivity Statistics, a high-precision statistical dataset estimated from BGP traffic, that has potential privacy and ethical implications. We apply a differential privacy algorithm to compute privacy-preserving statistics, and we compare them with the original method. Our statistical test shows that the privacy-preserving estimates match the accuracyof the original method up to the 5th decimal of the Pearson correlation coefficients, therefore offering a negligible utility loss. We also show how the resulting statistics can be safely shared for reuse and replication deploying a Dataverse and a simplified version of the Datatags system.
Replicable Privacy Poster9.5 MB