Privacy Tools Team at 2017 Dataverse Community Meeting

The Privacy Tools team participated in the 2017 Dataverse Community Meeting, which took place on June 14th, 15th, and 16th at Harvard University. PI Merce Crosas co-organized the meeting in conjunction with Harvard's Institute for Quantitative Social Science. Six team members contributed posters pertaining to their research. The meeting included a presentation on Dataverse by PIs Gary King and Merce Crosas, as well as a discussion of TwoRavens by PI James Honaker and team member Vito D'Orazio. 

Posters by Privacy Tools team members included:

Formal Privacy Models and Title 13 (Kobbi Nissim, Alexandra Wood)
Computing over Distributed Sensitive Data (Kobbi Nissim, George Kellaris, Uri Stemmer)
Statistical Inference with Privacy (Vishesh Karwa)
Privacy Tools for Sharing Research Data (Salil Vadhan) 
Computing with Local Privacy: Histograms and Clustering (Uri Stemmer)
PSI: a Private data Sharing Interface (Jack Murtagh)