"The Business of Personal Data" (TIP-TIG Discussion)

Technology in Government (TIG) and Topics in Privacy (TIP)
When: 5/6/2013, refreshments served at 2:30pm, discussion 3 to 4pm in room K354, at 1737 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA 02138.
Title: The Business of Personal Data
Discussants: Adam Tanner

Gathering personal information on individual consumers has become the financial lifeblood of the Internet and, increasingly, of many business operations. Who are the people and firms gathering such information? What details are they putting together and how do they get so much information about us?  Department of Government Fellow Adam Tanner is finishing a behind-the-scenes book on data gathering firms.  Professor of Government and Technology in Residence Latanya Sweeney will offer analysis of how these firms use technology to enhance their data gathering.

Adam Tanner is a 2012-13 fellow in the Department of Government and a 2011-12 Nieman fellow. A long-time investigative reporter and foreign correspondent, he has served as bureau chief for Reuters in the Balkans and San Francisco as well as a correspondent posted in Moscow, Berlin and Washington D.C. His book "Behind the Data Curtain" will be published next year. 

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