Privacy Tools Team Members among the Organizers and Speakers at DIMACS Workshop on Barriers to Data Sharing

DIMACS Workshop on Barriers to Data Sharing
October 23 - 24, 2017
CoRE Building, Rutgers University

This workshop will bring together computer scientists, legal scholars,
and consumers of data to understand the extent to which privacy
currently limits the sharing of data. Discussions will include but not
be limited to research data and will seek to develop standards and
best practices that enable new information flows in domains ranging
from healthcare to energy.

A major focus of the workshop will be understanding the obstacles that
exist for moving ideas from the research literature into practical
application. Two technologies--multiparty computation and
differentially private systems--will play an important role at the
workshop, though a range of related tools from cryptography and
security research will be discussed.

The workshop will include a mix of longer, tutorial-style talks and
shorter technical presentations.

Confirmed speakers include:

Jeremiah Blocki (Purdue)
Stephen Clark (US Census Bureau)
Chris Clifton (Purdue)
Henry Corrigan-Gibbs (Stanford)
Marco Gaboardi (Buffalo)
Michael Hay (Colgate)
Brett Hemenway (University of Pennsylvania)
James Honaker (Harvard)
Seny Kamara (Brown)
Ben Kreuter (Google)
Philip Leclerc (US Census Bureau)
Ashwin Machanavajjhala (Duke)
Brendan McMahan (Google)
Ilya Mironov (Google)
Joseph Near (UC Berkeley)
William Sexton (US Census Bureau)
Elaine Shi (Cornell)
Aleksandra Slavkovic (Penn State)
Mayank Varia (Boston University)
Alexandra Wood (Harvard)
Rebecca Wright (Rutgers)