PI Kobbi Nissim Co-Organizes Semester-Long Program on "Foundations and Applications of Data Privacy"

PI Kobbi Nissim is co-organizing a semester-long program at the Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing. "Foundations and Applications of Data Privacy," which will take place during the 2019 Spring semester, will aim to advance core research on privacy and to foster new collaborations between researchers who work on theoretical aspects of data privacy and those who work in areas of potential applications.

The program will bring together experts from across disciplines related to privacy: theoretical computer science, statistics, game theory, machine learning, databases, social science and law to share their knowledge, strengthen the connections between privacy-related research in these disciplines and work on a wide-reaching interdisciplinary agenda involving technology and policy. Participants will investigate basic privacy-related algorithmic, statistical, and complexity- and game-theoretic questions; study barriers to implementing and using the products of theoretical research in privacy; and explore methodologies for bridging the gaps between mathematical approaches to privacy and approaches rooted in the law, social norms and ethics.