Census Bureau Awards Cooperative Agreements to Georgetown University and Purdue University

The team from Georgetown University, led by Senior Researcher Kobbi Nissim, includes two of the computer scientists who originally developed the theory of differential privacy — the first privacy-preserving data analysis model — as well as leading researchers from Harvard University who specialize in cryptography and information law. Their work for the Census Bureau will help improve the way we understand and implement our statutory mandate to protect the confidentiality of all respondent information in the Big Data era.

Merce Crosas Presents: The DataTags System: Sharing Sensitive Data with Confidence at the RDA 8th Plenary

Location: RDA 8th Plenary, Denver, Colorado 
Presentation Slides: datatags-rda8plenary-steps.pdf

This talk was part of a session at the Research Data Alliance (RDA) 8th Plenary on Privacy Implications of Research Data Sets, during International Data Week 2016:

Dataverse Community Meeting 2016: Managing Privacy in Research Data Repositories

After the Dataverse Community Meeting, a workshop focused on tools helping open repositories currently addressing sensitive or private data will be held at Harvard Medical School. This workshop is a collaboration between the Dataverse team and the Privacy Tools for Sharing Research Data group.

Room: Cannon Room, Building C, Harvard Medical School